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Top reasons to choose to study at University of Foreign Languages, Hue University (18-08-2017 11:43)

Many scholarships available to freshmen up to seniors; Study two programs simultaneously; Modern learning environment; Many job opportunities.


* Many scholarships available to freshmen up to seniors: 

+ 8% of the newly admitted students will be granted scholarships, including long-term study abroad scholarships in the framework of agreements signed between governments.

+ Besides, the university has an annual scholarship funding of approximately VND 50,000,000 for students who have outstanding achievements and for students who are hardworking and in need. The university also has about 50 scholarships funded by domestic and abroad organizations with a total value of VND 150,000,000.


* Study two programs simultaneously:

Attending flexible and logic credit programs, students have multiple options to apply to study at two different faculties of the university or different affiliate universities of Hue University, such as Economics, Hospitality, Law, etc. and graduated with 2 full-time undergraduate degrees at the earliest time. In addition, students can attend international language courses to receive international certificates at the Center for Foreign Languages of the University, affiliated with testing centers of the US, UK, China, Taiwan, etc.


* Learning environment:

+ First-year students are placed in the on-campus residence halls if they applied for.

+ Students are equipped with soft skills to cope with all situations related to health, learning methods, employability skills, etc., which are diverse, flexible and regularly updated to suit social needs.

+ Depending on their talents and abilities, students can join various clubs: Volunteer Students, Arts, Sports, Newspapers, Tourist Guides, etc. to be developed comprehensively.

+ Students can use the computer rooms with free internet access and wifi connection for study, research, entertainment, etc.

+ Students can buy foreign language books and dictionaries at a discounted price at the university bookstore (which has cooperation with foreign publishers).

+ In addition, the university also admits many exchange students from Asia, America and Europe every year. The cooperation has brought opportunities for exchanges of knowledge, valuable scholarships for many lecturers and students of the University, and has created a multi-cultural learning environment right at the university.

+ Each year, 23 to 40 students of the university transfer to abroad universities, attend 1 to 2 years exchange programs abroad, nearly 200 students intern in China, Thailand and Laos.


* Job opportunities:

Internships places are also potential employers. Therefore, during internships, many students were hired. According to a survey of 763 graduates in 2015, more than 60% of our students found a job right after graduation and the percentage was over 85% after 6 months of graduation, of which more than 65% got the job suitable with training majors.


More details at http://hucfl.hueuni.edu.vn/

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