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Inauguration of Family Medical Center, College of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue University - 05/01/2016
In the morning of 12 October, the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue University, hold the inauguration of Family Medical Center at 51 Nguyen Hue, Hue City. Participants were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Ngoc Trong, former Deputy Minister of Health, Chairman of the Vietnam Family Doctor Association; Mr. Nguyen Thai Son, Head of Provincial Propaganda Department; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dung, Vice Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee; Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Toan, President of Hue University; and professors from Boston University, the United States and Ghent University, Belgium.

The Family Medical Center is one of the units selected by the Ministry of Health to implement the model of training and family doctor system for the Central Region and Highlands.

Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Van Toan, Prof. Cao Ngoc Thanh and professors from Boston University and Ghent University


The Center was built in November 2013 with the funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies. Up to now, it has put into operation with advanced facilities. With the technical support from Boston University and Ghent University in training qualified and professional staff in the field of Family Medicine, the Center will provide personal, comprehensive and continuing care for the individual and family including routine check-ups, health risk assessments, immunization and screening tests and personalized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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