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Special Policy for a New Training Program: Undergraduate program of Hotel Management (16-01-2018 09:02)


In 2018, School of Tourism and Hospitality, Hue University offers specially-designed hotel management program (Program code 7810201) with the recruitment quota of 50 students. The entrance examination subject combination include: A00 (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry); A01 (Mathematics, Physics, English); D01 (Mathematics, Literature, English); D10 (Mathematics, Geography, English)


An open training program 


Among the total of 62 courses (159 credits), 38/62 are required courses, 24/62 are elective courses. The total number of elective credits is more than three times the number of elective credits students need to accumulate. This ratio ensures the students' optimal choices. In which, the elective courses include the courses in various areas of in-depth knowlege and related skills in the field of tourism and hospitality. 


The core courses aim to provide the foundation knowledge and basic skills of the program. The elective courses focus in in-depth knowledge of tourism. These features ensure that learners can accumulate all background knowledge and at the same time have options select the most suitable courses for each learner. 


Business participation in the training program


According to the special policy for the programs of tourism and hospitality, 51 out of 62 courses in the curriculum will be taught by outside experts or will be intership courses at tourism and hospitality businesses with the activities described in the syllabus. These courses cover the basic knowledge, specialized knowledge, in-depth knowledge of the program. 11 courses without the participation of professionals and businesses include 9 courses of general education and 01 course of business statistics and economics, and 01 course of scientific research methods. 


Increase practice duration at businesses


Practice duration at businesses is designed to occupy more than 50% of the duration of the training program so that students will have more opportunities to practice their professional career in every course which is a special policy. In which, the duration involving the businesses in each course is over 55%. In addition, in this program the number of credits of the three courses of Professional Intership 1, Professional Intership 2, and Management Intership will be increased 1 credit/course into 3 credits/course (1 credit more than those of traditional programs). 


Recognition of credits granted by other universities 


This specialized hospitality program will recognize the equivalent courses of Vietnam's national universities and regional universities. The equivalent courses of the other universities will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Academic Council of the School and approved by the dean of the school.

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