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Key to the future


Hue University is dedicated to:

  • Having an endless effort to improve the training quality, to diversify the training formats and to expand training aimed at satisfying the demands of human resources for the whole country, while ensuring equality and helping people of various situations to have access to higher education.

  • Preparing facilities for teaching, studying and researching activities.

  • Gradually modernizing and standardizing the training programs to integrate and catch up with the development of the region and the world.

  • Continuing to perfecting and standardizing the training programs, updating new knowledge constantly, aimed at making our degrees comparable to those provided in the region.

  • Broadening international cooperations in training; establishing collaborative training programs in the form of sandwich courses with advanced universities in the world.

  • Establishing Hue University to be a scientific research center with focal and major programs which can attract the interest of both local and international scientists. Maintaining and expanding community services to contribute actively and effectively to the new technology transfer and the socio-economic development. Setting up institutes to study and apply advanced technology to production and life.

  • Combining training with scientific research closely. Establishing science technology market to satisfy the socio-economic development and the educational activity of the country in the best manner.

  • Finding new partners, as well as actively and effectively cultivating the existing bilateral cooperations

  • Strengthening and expanding international cooperations to gradually improve the position of Hue University in training collaborations, scientific research; building infrastructure, science-technology foundation, strengthening the management standard comparable to those of the rest of the region.

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