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Hue University's activities of science and technology have significantly contributed to the social economic socio-economic development of the Central Region and Western Highlands in Vietnam thanks to their creation of scientific products that can be applied into production. Indeed, many products have been introduced in the regional and national Techmart such as Linh Chi mushroom production and shrimp production, Ceremic tile information, the Bio-product Betel-Bokashi and other successful products.


In the period 2006-2011, there were 210 subjects and research projects at all different levels related to local issues of the Central region, including 165 subjects done in Thua Thien Hue province. The project results have contributed to the socio-economic development of local areas, and the creation of a scientific foundation for many specific applications:

1. The study on "research and development of ultrasound - microwave method in ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials synthesis based on PTZ with Nano structure" has developed many following specific products:

- Manufacturing 01 device for material fabrication by microwave method;

- Fabricating successfully nano Ti02/Si02 thin films on tiles with large scale and applied them for waste water treatment;

- Developing nano silver using microwave method and applied for antibacterial water filter;

- Improving PZT sol preparation for ferroelectric materials fabrication using microwave method.

2. The study on improving manufacturing technology to produce the Bio-produce "Betel-Bokashi" to approach for shrimp safe culture zone in Tam Giang - Cau Hai lagoon system, Thua Thien Hue province has produced a large number of Betel-Bokashi products for shrimp production.

3. The study on using Gamma knife for treatment of cancer and cranial neuropathy has following outstanding results:

- Application of Gamma Knife surgery in the treatment of brain tumors, brain arteriovenous malformations and some body cancers.

- Evaluation of the treatment results of brain tumors, brain arteriovenous malformations and body cancers by Gamma knife.

- Recommendations for treatment indications of brain tumors, brain arteriovenous malformations and body cancers by Gamma knife.


Since September 2005, the Gamma Knife Center has treated 1,340 cranio-nerval cases, pituitary tumor (appro 10%), crabiopharyngioma (appro 5%), vestibular schwannoma (Acoustic neuroma) (appro 10%), meningitis (appro 10%), Astrocytoma (appro 15%), Glioma (appro 10%), metastatic brain tumor (appro 10%), arteriovenous malformation (appro 15%), recurrent brain tumor (appro 10%), and others (appro 5%). The best effect is arteriovenous malformation, pituitary tumor, vestibular schwannoma (acoustic neuroma). The treatment has good result for head and neck tumor, liver cancer, lung cancer in the early stage (the survival rate after 3 years is about 60%, after 5 years is about 30%). The system improves patients’ living quality. 

4. The study on "improving productive process of 3A foreign blood crossbred pigs of Duroc x (Pietrain x Mong Cai) serving development of pig production with high lean meat in Central Vietnam" has finalized the process of pig raising and disease prevention for % foreign blood crossbred pigs of Duroc x (Pietrain x Mong Cai). Besides, this study has developed two sow raising models and two models of raising pigs for meat. Hue University is continually enhancing effectiveness and connectivity between scientific research and training and social demand.  This is done through mobilizing all available domestic and international resources for developing and implementing various science and technology programs, as well as bringing research products and technical advances to the Central and Highland regions in Vietnam.


Key fields:

- Information Technology and Communication;

- Biotechnology;

- Public Health Protection;

- Resource and Environment;

- Forestry, Agriculture and Aquaculture;

- Social Science and Humanities;

- Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry;

- Agriculture Economics and Rural Development;

- Foreign Studies.


Key studies:

1. Researching the construction of scientific data for restoration, reconstruction and renovation literature and military temples of Hue city on the basis of applying information technology.

2. Applying Gamma Knife in treatment of trunk canerand some neural cerebral diseases.

3. Studies on Epidemiological features of zoonosis caused by Cryptosporidium parvum in cattle and human and development of rapid diagnostic procedures.

4. Studies on production of recombinant adhesion antigens using for production of diagnostic KIT and vaccine against E.coli in pigs.

5. Improving manufacturing technology to produce the Bio-product "Betel-Bokashi" to approach for shrimp safe culture zone in Tam Gang - Cau Hai lagoon systems, Thua Thien Hue province", Code: 06/2009/HD - DADL-NN

6. Improving productive process of 3/4 foreign blood crossbred pigs of Duroc x (Pietrain x Mong Cai) serving development of pig production with high lean meat percentage in central Vietnam.

7. Selection and propagation some root crops (Taro and Yam) with drought tolerance for production in the central coast and Highlands. 

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