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International relations - International partnership - International projects


Hue University has signed hundreds of MOUs with universities and organizations over the world in the following activities:
- Exchange of faculty and research scholars
- Exchange of students
- Exchange of expertise through seminars, conferences, workshops, and other academic activities of mutual interest
- Joint research and meetings for education and research
Among of them, 92 MOUS are presently in validity, typically:
- Vienna University of Technology, Austria
- Sydney University, Australia
- La Trobe University, Australia
- Quebec University, Canada
-Val de Loire University, France
- University of Rennes 1, France
- Marche Polytechnic University, Italy
- Kyoto University, Japan
- Okayama University, Japan
- Keidanren & JBAV, Japan
- Ghent University, Belgium
-  Chonbuk University, Korea
- Chungwoon University, Korea
- Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
- Khon Kaen Univesrity, Thailand
- Mahasarakham University, Thailand
- Virginia University, USA
- Hawaii University, USA

Member of:
- ASEA-UNINET (ASEAN – European University Network)
- AUF (University Agency of the Francophonie)
- CLVUN (Cambodia – Laos – Vietnam University Network)
- CONFRASIE (Regional Conference of Rectors if universities of AUF)
- VBFoodNet (Vietnam-Belgium Food Science and Technology Network)
- VIFINET (Vietnam Fishes and Aquaculture Institution Network)
Partner of:
- AUN (ASEAN University Network)
- JICA ( Japan International Cooperation Agency)
- KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency)
- VEF (Vietnam Education Foundation)
- VLIR (Flemish Interuniversity Council)
- Wallonie-Bruxelles Delegation Hanoi
- AIMS (ASEAN International Mobility for Students)
- LOTUS  Consortium (An Erasmus Mundus Actions 2 Programme)
- Okayama University Office
- VLIR-IUC Program Support Unit


Since 2005, Hue University has created and successfully implemented 69 international cooperation projects with the funding amount of millions US dollars. These projects have greatly contributed to Hue University’s training and research activities, as well as to the socio-economic development in Central and wider Vietnam.

These projects are almost related to key research fields in Hue University, such as: agriculture and forestry, economics, education, medicine, environmental science, social science, and so on. Some typical ongoing projects include:

- Improvement of Community Natural Forest Management funded by Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO), the Netherlands,

- Strengthening the right to land and water surface use and management for resettled fishermen in Tam Giang lagoon, Phu Vang district funded by Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO), the Netherlands;

- Promoting preservation and sustainable use of forests in Tay Giang district, Central Vietnam funded by Malteser International, Germany;

- Building capacity to adapt to climate change in Southeast Asia funded by International Research Development Center (IDRC);

- Training Family Medicine Physician funded by Atlantic Philanthropies, USA;

- Lotus project (Enhancing capability for students and staff in Asian universities under the Erasmus Mundus program) funded by European Commission…

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