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New LOTUS scholarship programme: Lotus Unlimited – Call 1 (09-08-2013 16:45)

Lotus Unlimited is an Eramus Mundus Action 2 programme and a continuation of Lotus I, II and III. The programme is about proving opportunities for academic exchange between Southeast Asian (including China) and the EU universities.

This call is ONLY open for PhD 36 months applications. A second call for Bachelor, Master, exchange PhD, post doc and staff will be opened in the beginning of October 2013. Please note, that in comparison to the previous Lotus projects, the scholarship for PhD 36 months is now open to ALL the Asian countries involved.

Due to the limited time of preparation and the early opening of the Call, this application form has stayed more or less the same to the one we used under the Lotus III project. The applications should be submitted online via the Lotus Unlimited website (http://www.lotus.ugent.be/index.asp?p=884&a=884). Furthermore, there are Guidelines for Applicants available on the website to guide the applicants through the application procedure (click on the section Lotus Unlimited: APPLY HERE on the website to find the link to the guidelines).

In this project we ask all PhD candidates to upload a ‘pre-acceptance’ letter from the host university of their choice. This means that ALL candidates should have a previous contact in the host university.

Hue University Department of International Cooperation

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