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Hue University dormitory

Student Service Center - Hue University currently has 03 dormitories with capacity of approximately 670 rooms providing more than 4,000 accommodations with a full range of services for all students and international students of Hue University.


1. Truong Bia Dormitory: 580 rooms with capacity of approximately 3,500 accommodations.

- Location: Truong Bia Dormitory, 40,42 Nguyen Khanh Toan, Hue City (200m far from University of Economics, 30m from University of Foreign Languages, 500m from University of Law). 

- Room prices:                              

Single dorm room                   VND 1,000,000/person/month.

Double dorm room                  VND 500,000/person/month.

Triple dorm room                    VND 300,000/person/month. 

Four-person dorm room           VND 220,000/person/month.

Five-person dorm room           VND 180,000/person/month.

Six-person dorm room             VND 150,000/person/month.

Seven-person dorm room        VND 130,000/person/month.

Eight-person dorm room          VND 90,000/person/month.       

- Address: Truong Bia Dormitory Management Board, 40-42 Nguyen Khanh Toan, Hue City. 

- Telephone number:  02343.816.109.


Truong Bia Dormitory, Zone A 



2. Dong Da Dormitory: 30 rooms with capacity of approximately 350 accommodations

- Location: 32 Le Hong Phong, Hue city (500m far from University of Sciences; 1,5km from University of Medicine and Pharmacy; 1,5km from University of Education).  

- Room price:  12 person dorm room - VND 80,000/person/month.

- Address: Dong Da Dormitory Management Board, 32 Le Hong Phong, Hue City.

- Telephone: 02343.822.972.


Dong Da Dormitory



3. Tay Loc Dormitory: 60 rooms with capacity of approximately 460 accommodations.

- Location: 100 Tran Van Ky, Hue (500m far from University of Agriculture and Forestry, 700m from University of Arts). 

- Room prices:                                

Four-person dorm room                      VND 200, 000/person/month.

Six-person dorm room                        VND 130,000/person/month. 

Eight-person dorm room                     VND 85,000/person/month.

- Address: Tay Loc Dormitory Management Board, 100 Tran Van Ky, Hue City.

- Telephone: 02343.516.240.


  Tay Loc Dormitory






Grocery store


Laundry room


Annual meeting with students 


Ring the Golden Bell contest


Student Service Center - Hue University welcomes boarding students to Dormitories.


Translated: Department of Science, Technology and International Relations, Hue University

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