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Mission - Vision - Goals - Awards



The mission of Hue University is to promote the development of Vietnam, especially the Central Vietnam by providing qualified labor forces and advanced and efficient technological - scientific solutions.



At Hue University, our 2030 vision is to be among the top-tier research universities in Southeast Asia, operating under the national and regional quality standards; and a pioneer and key training base in the system of regional universities.


Core value system

Hue University has been rewarded with many state awards for its remarkable achievements, including:

- Embrace Creativity, Standards, Responsibility and Friendliness, Hue University is committed to: 

- Encourage and respect progressive ideas and creativity by Hue University staff and students; 

- Adhere strictly standards of higher education; establish, nurture and develop an exemplary teaching and research environment; 

- Value the sense of responsibility of the university towards the target groups in particular and social community in general; 

- Foster democracy, solidarity, mutual respect, and respect honesty and compassion in Hue University.


Strategic goals

The overall development goals of Hue University to 2020 and orientations to 2030 are: Hue University to become a research university; a center for high quality training, science and technology; with a focus on HU's spearhead areas in the fields of health sciences, agro-forestry-fisheries, environment, biotechnology, basic sciences, education, arts; HU's graduates to possess strong political and ethical qualities, to obtain adequate knowledge and professional skills, to have the capability to do research and to apply scientific and technological advances and to actively integrate themselves into the dynamic international workplace environment.


Specific Objectives:

Embracing the mentioned-above goals, Hue University defines the specific development objectives up to 2020 as follows:

Objective 1: Continue to improve the management systems at all levels in accordance with national and international quality standards;

Objective 2: Standardize training programs and training activities in accordance with national and international standards;

Objective 3: Strengthen and improve the quality of the activities of science and technology and international cooperation;

Objective 4: Improve the quality of academic staff, researchers and administrators in accordance with national standards;

Objective 5: Strengthen students affairs; Improve the quality of student services;

Objective 6: Fundamentally develop and complete the internal quality assurance system, improve the satisfaction of students and employers about the education quality of Hue University;

Objective 7: Strengthen and modernize facilities and equipment to better effectively serve training and scientific research.

Objective 8: Improve the effectiveness of financial management to meet the demand for innovation and improvement of the education quality.



Hue University has been rewarded with many State awards for its remarkable achievements, including:

-    Independence Medal (Third class) in 1998

-    Independence Medal (Second class) in 2002

-    Independence Medal (First class) in 2012

-    Labor Medal (First class) in 2017

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