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Mission - Vision (26-03-2021 13:49)

The mission of Hue University is to carry out national strategic and regional development tasks of the country and promote the tradition of high-quality training together with multi-disciplinary scientific research fields to create advanced scientific and technological products.


* Vision to 2030

Hue University is one of the leading, top-tier, and multi-disciplinary research-oriented universities in Vietnam, ranks the top in Southeast Asia and the top 300 Asian universities.


Core value system

Embrace Creativity, Standards, Responsibility and Friendliness, Hue University is committed to:
- Encourage and respect progressive ideas and creativity by Hue University staff and students;
- Adhere strictly to standards of higher education; establish, nurture and develop an exemplary teaching and research environment;
- Value the sense of responsibility of the university towards the target groups in particular and social community in general;
- Foster democracy, solidarity, mutual respect, and respect honesty and compassion in Hue University.


Translated: Department of Science, Technology and International Relations, Hue University

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