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Prof. Klaus Von Klitzing gives a talk about (18-12-2006 10:09)

On August 14, Prof. Klaus Von Klitzing, Nobel receiver for Physics in 1985 gave a talk to a great number of staff and students, pupils as well as Physics-lovers on the topic " The Achievements of modern Physics", at Hue University great Hall.

This activity is scheduled in his meeting agenda with Hue University within his participation into the 6th International Conference of Physics " Rencontres du Vietnam ". Accompanying Professor Klaus Von Klitzing is Professor Tran Thanh Van, Chairman to the "Rencontres du Vietnam"  Association.

Prof. Klaus Von Klitzing was born on 28 June 1943. He is a German and he is currently the President of Max-Planck Institute, Stuttard-Germany. He was awarded the Nobel prize for Physics in 1985 for the success in the project researching the Hall quantum effects.

At this talk, Professor Klaus Von Klitzing and Physics-lovers have discussed extensively the achievements and applications of Nano, a new science with various applications into life. Many young men are very interested in this field. This predicts a reliable sound development future of Nano Physics in Vietnam.

Prof. Klaus Von Klitzing gives a talk at Hue University.

Prof. Tran Thanh Van, Chairman to the "Rencontres du Vietnam" Association

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Vien Tho, President of Hue University delivers his speech and presents souvenirs to welcome  Prof. Klaus Von Klitzing's visit to Hue University.

Prof. Klaus Von Klitzing exchanges opinions with Physics-lovers in Hue

A great deal of students, pupils and Physics-lovers attend the talk.


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