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Hue University VLIR-IUC Program: Joint Steering Committee Annual Meeting 2016 (20-07-2016 15:08)


On the 12nd and 13rd July, in Hue City, there happened Hue University VLIR - IUC program’s Steering Committee Annual Meeting 2016. Participants to the meeting included Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Toan - President of Hue University, VLIR - IUC Vietnam local program coordinator together with the local project leaders and team members from Hue University; Prof. Peter Bossier, Ghent University, Belgium – Flemish program coordinator and the project leaders and team members from Belgium; and Hue University’s colleges’ leadership representatives. The aim of the meeting is to have an update of the program status per project: recent achievements (Y3 – 2015), ongoing activities (Y4 – 2016) and planned activities (Y5 – 2017); Synergy with other projects/initiatives; An account of deviation from the plan (postponed and cancelled activities).


VLIR-IUC program was initiated in June 2013, including the following projects: Institutional Strengthening; Aquaculture, livestock, crop protection; Ecosystems and natural resources management; Rural health care. During the past three years, the program has reaped considerable achievements and contributed to the development of Hue University. 



Regarding the program results in the past year, it is agreed that Hue University program team and Flemish universities team have been collaborating closely, the program activities have been successful. In higher education governance, Hue University affirmed that e-learning is a cutting-edge education strategy towards educational innovation, quality assurance; a new leadership generation is trained. In project 1 - Institutional strengthening, many activities have been carried out successfully such as improvement of higher education governance, development of training programs, implementation of quality assurance, training of PhD students, and organization of international workshops on university governance and educational innovation. In project 2 - Aquaculture, livestock, crop production towards sustainable development, many activities have been carried out in research and training capacity building. In project 3 - Coastal ecosystems management facing economic development, the focus is lagoon biodiversity. In project 4 - Rural health care, the focus is family health care and primary health care; improvement of training capacity in family health care.



At the meeting, project leaders presented achieved results and discussed upcoming activities for 2017.










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