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Training workshop on Designing and Implementing Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) Framework at Hue University (26-09-2017 09:49)


Within the framework of Hue University VLIR - IUC program, from September 25 to 28, Hue University organized the 4-day training workshop on "Designing and Implementing Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) Framework at Hue University" for managers, lecturers and administrative staff of Hue University with the objective of equipping the participants with the competencies to design, develop, implement and evaluate curriculum based on OBE framework.


Opening address by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nguyen Quang Linh, President of Hue University


Dr.Johnson Ong Chee Bin, AUN-QA expert


Outcomes-Based Education is neccessary and important in education innovation towards international integration. This trend helps universities to improve their training quality. The “hands-on” workshop consists of interactive seminar, hands-on exercises, case studies, experiential learning, and group discussions in English. Lecturers are Mr. Johnson Ong Chee Bin, an expert of AUN-QA (ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance). At the end of the workshop, participants can: Describe the characteristics of Education 4.0; Integrate OBE framework and Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach to curriculum design, development, implementation and evaluation; Select appropriate strategies to engage stakeholders in curriculum design; Apply the principle of constructive alignment to align stakeholders’ needs, curriculum, learning outcomes, teaching and learning, and student assessment; Apply revised Bloom’s Taxonomy in writing learning outcomes; Select appropriate instructional and assessment methods to achieve learning outcomes; Design student assessment rubrics and marking schemes to achieve learning outcomes; Evaluate the OBE curriculum for quality enhancement; Apply change management in implementing OBE.

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