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Congratulations to 26 graduates of Joint Training Program with Rennes University, France (01-08-2017 15:12)

On July 28th 2017, University of Economics, Hue University solemnly held the awarding ceremony of Bachelor degree to 26 students of the cohort 2014-2017 of the joint Finance - Banking program with the University of Rennes 1 (France).


Present at the ceremony were MSc. Phan Thi Kim Lien - Head of Section of Language skills, Faculty of French, University of Foreign Languages, Hue University. From the University of Economics, Hue University, there came Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Van Hoa - Rector; Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nguyen Tai Phuc - Vice Rector; Assoc.Prof.Dr. Trinh Van Son - Vice Rector; Dr. Truong Tan Quan - Vice Rector, and leaders of faculties, media agencies, and families, friends of the new graduates.


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Van Hoa - Rector at the ceremony



The French-Vietnamese joint training program is a national formal program in accordance with international standards assigned by the President of Hue University to the University of Economics in 2007. This program was initiated on a combination of advanced features of French and Vietnamese education programs to train the students to become elites in their field, finance and banking. The univerisity worked toward improving its training capacity, competitiveness and approaching international standards to meet the increasing demands of learners as well as the need for high quality human resource for the development of the country in the new period. After 10 years, the program has completed 10 courses with nearly 400 students, 98% graduated students ranked good and pretty good, 35% of students received 2 degrees awarded by the two universities, more than 70 students attended courses in France and nearly 30 students returned to France to pursue their masters and doctorates.


Assoc.Prof.Dr.Tran Van Hoa - Rector of HUoE awarded certificates of merit to excellent and good graduates of cohort 47 (2014-2017) 



The French-Vietnamese joint training program has 28 students admitted and enrolled of which 4 students took courses in France, 2 were awarded French bachelor degrees. The graduation rate is 93%, of whom 01 passed with distinction, 02 passed with good performance, 23 passed with fairly good grades and no students ranked Pass with satisfactory performance or Fail. In addition, 02 students succeeded in the interviews to pursue their master's studies at the University of Rennes 1, France.



On this occasion, to promote students' enthusiasm and creativity in study and research, the university awarded 09 graduates of excellent and good performance. These awards is also to recognize the efforts of the students and to encourage the students to actively strive for learning and practising.


Souvenir photographs of school leaders and the new bachelors of Cohort 47 of the advanced program with Rennes University


Source: University of Economics

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