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Opening announcement of SHARE Scholarship Batch 4 (18-09-2017 09:24)

Undergraduate students from participating Universities in ASEAN interested in studying one semester in another ASEAN country or in Europe are invited to apply for one of the 175 full scholarships available (125 for intra – ASEAN, and 50 for ASEAN – EU mobility).


Following the great success of the first three batches of the SHARE Scholarship Programme, the EU and ASEAN have awarded 171 full scholarships to ASEAN undergraduate students from 32 ASEAN universities in 8 ASEAN Member States, for the fourth batch, there are total 175 scholarships to be provided for undergraduate students in ASEAN.


The application period: 13/9/2017 - 10/10/2017.

Detailed information on how to apply for the scholarship and the online application system are available at www.share-asean.eu.

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