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Workshop on Larvae Production and Ammonia Emission in Project 2 - VLIR-IUC Hue University Programme (04-04-2016 01:03)

On 26-27 March 2016, within the framework of the VLIR-IUCHue University Programme, the College of Agriculture and Forestry - Hue University organized a workshop to report the project activities and to share experiences on Larvae Production and Ammonia Emission. Prof. Phung Thang Long, Vice Rector of the College of Agriculture and Forestry; Prof. Le Duc Ngoan, Director of Project 2; Prof. Vu Chi Cuong, Vice Director of the Institute of Animal Production; Dr. Nguyen Huu Ninh, Director of Research Institute of Aquaculture 3 (RIA3); Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tinh, Research Institute of Aquaculture 2 (RIA2), delegates of aquacultural sectors in Thua Thien Hue and Quang Binh provinces and lecturers from the Faculty of Animal Production and Veterinary and the Faculty of Fisheries participated in the workshop.


Opening the workshop, Prof. Le Duc Ngoan briefly introduced overall objectives and planned activities of Project 2 (VLIR-IUC) on developing and improving sustainable aquaculture, livestock production and crop protection.



At the Animal Production section, Prof. Vu Chi Cuong gave a talk about Ammonia emission from pigs. According to Prof. Cuong, ammonia emission has been reported as a difficult task to all scientists in Vietnam. He also suggested some solutions to reduce the ammonia emission in piggery. After that, PhD student of the Hue VLIR-IUC program Nguyen Hai Quan presented some results of his study related to effecting of fiber addition to the ammonia emission in piggery and In vivo experiment on the digestion of some sources of pig feed.


In the Aquaculture section, Dr. Nguyen Huu Ninh (RIA3) presented the potentials and constraints in the market development for large-scale farmed marine finfish in Vietnam. Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tinh (RIA2) gave an overview of research activities in RIA2. The presentations from the guests provided important information on the supply-demand and world trade of farmed fishes, and current status of mariculture in ASEAN and Vietnam, as well as opportunities and challenges in aquaculture recently. Following, the presentation of Hoang Nghia Manh, PhD student of 911 and Hue VLIR-IUC programme described the polyculture activities in Tam giang lagoon, Thua Thien Hue province. Another PhD student of Hue VLIR-IUC program, Le Van Bao Duy had two presentations on Rotifers culture and its application to rabbitfish larviculture. 



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