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Experience sharing sessions between staff of University of Groningen, Netherlands and Hue University's staff and students

From 23 - 25/10/2018, there happened experience sharing sessions between staff of University of Groningen, Netherlands and Hue University's staff and students. Mr.Hoang Nguyen is currently working for Career Services — Student Affairs, University of Groningen, Netherlands.



On the morning of 23/10/2018, Mr. Hoang Nguyen had a working meeting with Hue University's managers, lecturers, alumni, students and some businessmen about Hue University students' soft skills. The soft skills of Hue University's students are generally weak compared to those from the two ends of the country, especially Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. It is necessary to push the training of the basic skills for students such as informatics skills and foreign language skills and the training of soft skills such as attitude towards career, communication skills, confidence, the ability to work under pressure. The current training of knowledge and skills of the universities is not suitable with new demand of the society.


From that fact, Mr. Hoang Nguyen suggested to orient students to choose courses, helping students to have the right attitude towards the courses; To teach and gradually equip students with Awareness - Skills - Events for students to contact with businesses - to practise; To develop the relationship between trainers and trainees (university and student); To fulfil the responsibility of the university and industry towards current students and graduates.


At the same time, the university needs to strengthen connections with enterprises to adjust the content and training programs to better meet the needs of employers. Seminars, experience exchanges, internships and visits to enterprises should be regularly organized to supplement practical knowledge while motivate students to study and start their own business. Inviting businesses to talk to students and teach soft skills to students is also a solution to increase the connection with businesses. Mr. Hoang Nguyen also proposed the establishment of soft skills training center for students. 


Mr.Hoang Nguyen then introduced the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of Gronigen University and collected feedback on that of Hue University.


The following days, Mr. Hoang Nguyen had two working sessions with the staff of the Center for Entrepreuneurship and Innovation of Hue University to share his experience on entrepreuneurship and innovation.



- The center will build up a team of start-up consultants in each field. Among them, the staffs of Hue University are core members. The administrative staff and lecturers will be sent invitation letters to participate in the training course in December 2019 (AUF project).


- After the meetings, there should be follow-up activities to raise awareness of staffs and lecturers as key persons in the development of Hue University's Center for Entrepreuneurship and Innovations.


- The Center needs to develop an action plan to develop the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of Hue University (short and long term). This action plan should be considered to be the development strategy for the Hue University's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. This action plan should then be submitted to the President of HUE University for approval and issuance to be the basis for the Center to implement activities later. This plan is also a proposal for the EVENT project to know the project's support needs for Hue University.


After 02 working days, Mr. Hoang Nguyen expressed his interest, support and appreciation for the entrepreuneurship and innovation activities that Hue University has been implementing and hoped that Hue University will receive more support from the project in the coming time.

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