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School of Engineering and Technology: ROBOT for COVID-19 prevention (01-09-2021 17:02)


School of Engineering and Technology - Hue University has just developed a robot to support COVID-19 prevention in isolation areas. This research result is done by staff and students of Control and Automation Engineering, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Course 1.



In order to keep safe distances for staff working in isolation areas, School of Engineering and Technology has developed a Service Robot, named Robot Huet 02.


The robot can broadcast announcements, transport necessities, and measure temperature by using a remote control handle to move itself to the needed place with a control distance of 30-40m and it loads less than 35 kg.


The robot measures and displays the temperature on the led screen. It also has a camera to record the temperature measurement process and display temperature parameters on the led screen (with the video file saved). Staff can record temperatures remotely. Moreover, the robot can deliver messages, inform the quarantined individuals to get essentials and measure the temperature.


The time from developing to testing a robot is 1 month (from August 7 to 28, 2021). The cost for a complete robot is approximately VND 25 million.


Reported: School of Engineering and Technology / Translated: Department of Science, Technology and International Relations, Hue University

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