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Not coming back yet as people here still need us… (30-08-2021 16:55)

When the first volunteer group of University of Medicine and Pharmacy is requested to come back to Hue city, Doctor Nguyen Gia Binh, Cardiovascular Center, Hue University Hospital volunteered to keep staying for the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in Ho Chi Minh city. That soldier will not come back home yet as the city is fighting disease and people here still need him… 



The first volunteer group has been working in Ho Chi Minh City for one month. As many other missions are waiting ahead for us in Hue, the group was divided into two teams, one to come back Hue and one to keep staying in Ho Chi City to support Binh Hung Hoa B. With the spirit of youth and enthusiasm, we will continue our duties as assigned.


In this battle, everyone is on the frontline. Not only white blouse soldiers but also military officers and soldiers have worked days and nights to save people’s life.


The battle with Covid-19 still continues, we all will join hands to fight Covid-19.


Reported: M. Dr. Nguyen Gia Binh / Translated: Department of Science, Technology and International Relations, Hue University




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