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Profession-Oriented Faculty training course (01-03-2016 06:48)


On the morning of February 25th2016, POHE Training Center - College of Agriculture and Forestry(CoAF)– Hue University organizes the opening ceremony of Profession Oriented Faculty training course. This is one of POHE project Phase 2 activities of which purpose is to traintraineestobecomeCoAF’s potential teachersqualifiedunder POHE’s criteria.

Participants to the ceremony include representatives of Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training, Hue University,College of Agriculture and Forestry, Dutch specialist Dr. Siep Littoij, POHE trainers and 21 trainees who are lecturers from CoAF’s Faculty of Agronomy, Faculty of Fisheries, Department of Forestry and administrative departments.


The training course consists of 6 modules including POHE  curriculum design, applied scientific research, interation with professional world, personal development, and capacity building. Trainersare from HCM City University of Agriculture and Forestry and Hue University CoAF. The training course helpstraineesin designing, organizing training courses and evaluatingPOHE trainees’ learning results; designing and implementingapplied scientific research responsive to business requirements; establishing, maintaining and developinginterations with business and developing professional capacity; acquiring self-discovery and self-management skills, practising code of ethicsfor teachers and improving work efficiency.


Profession Oriented High Education (POHE) aims to provide international standards training programs with close interation with Business in the context of Vietnam’s economy and society. The POHE offers bachelor degree programs.


Hue University CoAF is one of the eight Vietnamese universities participating in the project POHE phase 2 since 2005 up to present. The project has brought positive results for the college, businesses and students. Currently, the college is implementing 6 profession- and application-oriented training programs, namely: Plant Protection, Plant Sciences, Forestry, Urban, Agronomy, and Aquaculture. HU CoAF’s POHE training center is one of the five centers which the Ministry of Education and Training permited establishment. This will be a high quality POHE training and transfer center to universities, colleges and vocational high schools.

 Reported by AH, translated by TH



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