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20 applicants are admitted to the joint engineer training program between Hue University and INSA Centre Val de Loire, France in 2020 (23-09-2020 17:19)

The admission score for the program in the year 2020 is 27.45


14 students of INSA engineering program were awarded the certificate of completion for phase I - 2020 


Most of the admitted applicants are students of high schools for the gifted who have achieved prizes in the National Excellent Students Competitions and the National Science and Technology Innovation Competition for high school students in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Informatics.


The INSA Group, which includes 7 INSAs in France and 1 International INSA in Morocco, is one of the leading engineering schools in France. Every year, they train over 10% of French engineers. According to Parcoursup, INSA Centre Val de Loire and INSA Toulouse are ranked in the top 15 most attractive engineering schools in France. Upon completing the 5-year training program, students are awarded the National Engineering Degrees by INSA Center Val de Loire or INSA Toulouse. The degree is equivalent to a Master’s degree in France.


In April 2019, after 10 years of cooperation, with the support of the Rencontres du Vietnam Organization and the French Embassy, ​​the first and the only foreign training branch of INSA Center Val Loire was established at the University of Education, Hue University. The cooperation program has created a favorable condition for excellent students in Vietnam to join in high-quality engineering training programs in France. The training program is conducted in the form of 2+3: students will attend courses provided by INSA Centre Val de Loire at the University of Education for the first 2 years, then they will be sent to France (INSA Centre Val de Loire or INSA Toulouse) for the next 3 years of training. Students of the above training program will be exempt from taking the transfer exam and admitted to specializations in France via interviews.


In 2020, INSA Center Val de Loire branch at University of Education, Hue University plans to provide scholarships to Vietnamese students.


Reported: PV / Translated: Department of Science, Technology and International Relations, Hue University

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