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Hue University to be involved in ASEAN-EU mobility funded by European Union (09-08-2016 17:00)

SHARE (Support for Higher Education in ASEAN Region) is a 4-year program funded by the European Union to support ASEAN in harmonizing regional higher education by sharing European expertise. It does this through strengthening regional cooperation, enhancing the quality, competitiveness, and internationalization of ASEAN higher education institutions and students, and thereby contributing to a closer ASEAN Community.


SHARE was initiated in May 2015 and will last until 2008, involves a partnership with British Council, Campus France, DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), EP-Nuffic (The Organization for Internationalization in Education), EUA (European University Association) and ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education). The key fields of activity within EU SHARE are clustered into the following result areas:

  • Policy Dialogue on strategic issues of the harmonization of ASEAN higher education
  • (a) ASEAN Qualification Reference Framework and (b) ASEAN Regional Quality Assurance
  • (a) ASEAN Credit Transfer System ACTS, (b) ASEAN-European Union Credit Transfer System AECTS, (c) ACTS and AECTS Student Mobility with scholarship scheme.


There are 25 ASEAN universities in the SHARE Scholarship Programme University List and 10 EU universities in the program list. Vietnam has 4 universities, namely Vietnam National University in Hanoi, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education and Hue University.


In SHARE program, Hue University will participate in student mobility, receive and send students to study in the ASEAN region and the EU for one semester under the credit transfer system. Student exchange between ASEAN countries and between ASEAN and EU plays an important role in promoting internationalization of higher education. There will be approximately 500 scholarships, of which 400 scholarships are allocated for intra-ASEAN mobility and 100 scholarships for ASEAN-EU mobility until 2018. In 9/2016, Hue University will participate in the workshop "Internationalisation and the SHARE Scholarship Programme" that will be held on 6-7 September 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia.


This program provides study abroad opportunities for Hue University students and workshops/trainings opportunities for HU international office staff.


For more details: http://www.share-asean.eu/



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