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The Project SHARE: Hue University was chosen to participate in the SHARE pilot institutional assessments (08-12-2016 09:59)

SHARE offers selected higher education institutions (HEIs) in the ASEAN region the opportunity to benchmark their internal QA mechanisms according to regional standards and in view of international good practice. Selected HEIs profit from a newly developed regional QA tool, which is geared towards the internal quality assurance (IQA) standards of the ASEAN Quality Assurance Framework (AQAF) and make use of a unique learning experience via systematic internal and external evaluation of their IQA system!


Selected HEIs will participate in a pilot assessment exercise at an institutional level. The assessment is development-oriented and shall help to enhance the capacity of the participating HEIs in taking charge of their IQA systems. It includes a Self-Assessment Report, a Site-Visit by a panel of ASEAN and European experts, and a Report which provides recommendations for improvement. A Preparatory Training session is to make the selected universities familiar with criteria and procedures of the upcoming assessments.


This is an apportunity for Hue University to approach internal quality assurance criteria and increase visibility.


More details at: http://share-asean.eu/

Web link