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SHARE Scholarship for Undergraduate Students in ASEAN (01-10-2018 15:51)

For this batch of the scholarship, we are only accepting applications for the intra-ASEAN mobility scheme - meaning you must be accepted to study at one of our participating ASEAN universities. We will not process any applications for the ASEAN-EU mobility scheme.



To successfully apply for the scholarship, please make sure that you have these documents ready:

1. Letter of Endorsement from home university
2. Letter of Acceptance from host university
3. Recent academic transcript (in English)
4. Copy of passport
5. Recent passport-sized photo 

Scholarship Coverage:

a. Full tuition fee
b. International travel expenses
c. Medical insurance 
d. Allowance for cost of living and accommodation 
e. One time personal allowance for settling 
f. One time study materials allowance 
g. Visa and residence permit cost.

For more information please visit www.share-asean.eu/scholarship or www.share-asean.org 

How to apply for the scholarship:https://www.facebook.com/InsightOpps/videos/1904074952943904/ 


Hue University (HU) welcomes international students from all of the ASEAN University Partners within the framework of SHARE Scholarship Program to HU to study in the duration of 01 semester. For more information, please visit: http://hueuni.edu.vn/portal/en/index.php/News/call-for-5th-batch-of-share-scholarship-program:-intra-asean-mobility.html 


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