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The voice of students from University of Arts, Hue University during the COVID-19 pandemic (16-04-2020 16:54)

22 students of the University of Arts, Hue University participated in the Painting contest on the prevention of COVID-19 with 28 creative artworks, bearing such positive slogans as “To prevent COVID-19, wash your hands frequently and properly”, “Stay at home for the sake of the community, go out only for essentials” or “Wear a mask to protect yourself and your community”…


Although the contest was launched in a short time and its awards were at a modest value, students actively participated in the contest with the support of their lecturers for well-done paintings. This is one of the ways that students make their contribution through their paintings in the battle against COVID-19.

Dr. Do Xuan Phu, Vice-Rector of the University of Arts said that the activity is not an art of creativity but a political mission. After the contest, the paintings are going to be sent to organizations located in the province to communicate with the community for the prevention of COVID-19. The paintings will also be converted into JPG files for communication via social networks and the internet.

Reported: AH / Translated: Department of Science, Technology and International Relations Hue University

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