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Hue University's meaningful activities in response to World Environment Day 05/6/2018 (05-06-2018 16:10)


In the morning of June 4, 2018, Hue University held an acvitity launching ceremony to respond to World Environment Day (05/6) at the University of Education, Hue University. Present at the launching ceremony were Dr.Do Thi Xuan Dung, Vice President of Hue University, representatives of affiliated universities, units and nearly 500 students.


Dr.Do Thi Xuan Dung, Vice President of Hue University delivering a speech at the activity launching ceremony in response to the World Environment Day 2018


World Environment Day is an annual event, the largest one regarding environmental protection; this year's theme is "Solving plastic and nylon pollution". This is a critical environmental issue of the globe over the recent years. According to an UN report, each year the world discharges plastic enough to spread four times around the Earth; about 500 billion plastic bags used worldwide are not buried in landfills. At the current rate of plastic use, there will be an additional 33 billion tonnes of plastics produced by 2050 and a large amount of that will be dumped into the oceans where it will remain for centuries. Being durable, plastic wastes along with other environmental pollutants have had a negative impact on the environment, economy, society and human health. 


Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Do Thi Xuan Dung, Vice President of Hue University, said that Hue University's activities in response to World Environment Day aimed to change the mindsets and habits of its managers, staff, students and local community in littering, actively collecting waste, and reducing environmental pollution. The Vice President of Hue University urged all managers, staff and students of Hue University to join hands to protect the environment; To be responsible for keeping the environment green - clean - beautiful; To build a really fresh atmosphere of Hue City - to deserve the title of the city of tourism and festivals of Vietnam.


Right after the ceremony, nearly 500 Hue University students carried out propaganda activities, garbage collection along the roads and in central parks of Hue City.






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