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Hue University: Opening training course on Vietnamese language teaching methodology for Lao teachers (20-09-2018 09:51)

On September 17th, Hue University Center for International Education opened a training course on Vietnamese language teaching methodology for Lao teachers. From Hue University, Vice President Do Thi Xuan Dung attended the opening ceremony.




Hue University is assigned by Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training to organise the course. Over the course of 3 months, 21 trainees from Lao PDR will have the chance to learn Vietnamese language teaching methodology, advanced Vietnamese language and attend seminars, experience and cultural exchanges, which will be hosted by Hue University’s Center for International education in cooperation with University of Foreign Languages, Hue University. The trainees are from universities, secondary schools, language centers in several provinces of Laos, including Savannakhet, Atapu, Champasac, Vientian, etc. These trainees once studied at universities, colleges in Vietnam, including Hue University.



Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vice President Do Thi Xuan Dung affirmed the strengths of Hue University in international integration, especially training human resources for Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Dr. Do Thi Xuan Dung  emphasized that Faculty of Vietnamese Studies, University of Foreign Languages, Hue University with its high training capacity and rich professional experience of faculty members and Center for International Education, Hue University will help the Lao teachers to improve their Vietnamese language knowledge and teaching capacity, which will better serve their Vietnamese teaching in Laos. This activity aims at enhancing the partnerships between Hue University and Lao universities, preserving and nurturing the special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two brother countries Laos and Vietnam.


Reported by PV

Translated by TH

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