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Keidanren and JCCI awarded 40 scholarships to Hue University students (01-12-2023 09:37)

On November 27, 2023, Hue University held a ceremony to award scholarships from Keidanren and JCCI, Japan. Dr. Do Thi Xuan Dung, Vice President of Hue University; Mr. Fujikawa Eita, Representative of Keidanren Japan-Vietnam Economic Committee Chairman, Member of JCCI Committee for Social Contribution and Human Resource Development, General Director of Sumitomo Vietnam LLC; Mr. Katayama Eiji, Representative of JCCI chairman, Head of JCCI Committee for Social Contribution and Human Resources Development; Senior Managing Director of Hanoi Branch-Country Head of Vietnam, Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Hanoi BranchMr. Hirayama Keiji, Chairman of JCCI Danang, General Director, HASEGAWA Viet Nam Company Limited; Mr. Toyosaki Yo, Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Hanoi Branch; Mr. Aizawa Rintaro, Sumitomo Vietnam LLC were present at the ceremony.



In March 2023, 20 outstanding students from Hue University were honored to receive scholarships from Keidanren & JCCI. Today, Hue University proudly welcomes the delegation for the second scholarship award ceremony in 2023. The number of recipients has doubled to 40 students on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Japan-Vietnam diplomatic relations.



Thua Thien Hue province has fostered effective collaborations with various Japanese localities and achieved many positive outcomes in tourism development, cultural exchange, educational cooperation, and scientific research. The province signed a cooperation agreement with Kyoto (March 2014) and Gifu (November 2016), extending collaborative efforts Yokohama city, Nara province... Hue city itself has established cooperative relationships with Shizuoka (2005), Kyoto (2013), Sasayama (2018), Saijo City (2018), and Takayama City (2018).



In recent years, the comprehensive collaboration between Thua Thien Hue province and Japan has continued to develop across various sectors, including natural disaster prevention, heritage conservation, transportation, water supply, education, and healthcare. Additionally, the province has established cooperative relationships with various Japanese localities such as Nara province, Kyoto province, Gifu province, and Yokohama city.


This year, the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam has organized numerous activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Japan-Vietnam diplomatic relations. Thua Thien Hue province has hosted various events, including the "Vietnam-Japan Cultural Day in Thua Thien Hue" on September 9, 2023, and the Kyoto Cultural and Educational Festival in Hue on November 21, 2023. These events, with the participation of Hue University, have facilitated multiple connections and collaborations with Japanese universities and educational institutions. Consequently, Hue University faculty and students are increasingly presented with opportunities to engage in educational programs, teaching, and research initiatives in Japan.


Translated: Department of Science, Technology and International Relations, Hue University

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