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Various activities in response to the 6th Vietnam Book Day (25-04-2019 17:00)

In the afternoon of April 23, Hue University opened a book exhibition to respond to the 6th Vietnam Book Day and awarded the certificate of 2019 Reading Culture Ambassador at qualifying round at the Learning Resource Center, Hue University. Dr.Do Thi Xuan Dung, Vice President of Hue University attended the opening ceremony and presented certificates to students. That was one of various activities held across Hue University to respond to the 6th Vietnam Book Day, which falls on April 21 each year.


Dr.Do Thi Xuan Dung, Vice President of Hue University presented the award “Participant with the most submissions” to the University of Education, Hue University.


Dr.Do Thi Xuan Dung, Vice President of Hue University presented certificates with the title "Reading Culture Ambassador" to the most excellent contestants of the qualifying round of Reading Culture Ambassador Contest 2019.


Hue University book exhibition attracted many students.



Participating in the exhibition were a wide range of affiliated units of Hue University, including library information centers of the affiliated universities, schools, Publishing House, Learning Resource Center, Journal of Science. The displayed publications are latest researches of Hue University staff and students.


Currently, only at Hue University Learning Resource Center, there are 25,109 titles with 90,948 copies, belonging to the following topics: Medicine: 3,015 titles, 5,535 copies; Foreign languages: 1,619 titles, 6,038 copies; Agroforestry: 840 titles, 3,050 copies; Economy: 4,412 titles, 16,979 copies; Art: 416 titles, 2,344 copies; Natural science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics): 3,739 titles, 11,495 copies. These actively serve the study and research of Hue University faculty and students. Regarding publications, Hue University Publishing House, since 2006, has published 2,013 titles with 1,409,450 copies.


Hue University Journal of Science has 6 independent specializations: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Earth Science and Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development, Economics and Development. Each year, an average of 12 numbers are published, with 10–15 articles in each number. The Journal publishes latest scientific research results on the above-mentioned majors of the authors in and outside Hue University and the authors in the ASEAN region. Journal of Science is widely known as one of the prestigious journal of Vietnam. Hue University pays great attention to improving the quality of publications. Currently, the journal has only online version. Each article has a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and is indexed in the database of Crossref (global database). In order to improve quality and integrate internationally, Hue University Journal of Science is implementing the project: "Hue University Journal of Science to be indexed by the database ASEAN Citation Index" (2019-2020). The target of the project is "Hue University Journal of Science: Natural Science" to join the ASEAN scientific database.


From 2014 up to now, in response to the Vietnam Book Day, Hue University as well as its affiliated units have organized many practical and meaningful activities such as donating books for national libraries as well as local libraries, provincial primary schools, coordinated to organize book exhibitions, which had good influence.


In the framework of the activities to respond to the 6th Vietnam Book Day, Hue University presented certificates to 20 students who had passed the qualifying round of the 2019 Reading Culture Ambassador contest and books to 355 participating students. The contest was launched by Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The qualifying round at Hue University was held from February 25 - March 15, 2019. The writings chosen in the qualifying round would attend the final round in Hanoi.


At the event, the organizing committee of Hue University contest also presented certificates and awards to the University of Education, Hue University for sending the most submissions in the qualifying round. The 20 students with the best writings included 3 students from School of Tourism and Hospitality, 2 students from University of Sciences, 2 students from University of Economics, 2 students from Law School, 1 student from University of Art, 3 students from University of Foreign Languages, 5 students from University of Education and 2 students from University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Also on this occasion, Hue University President awarded student Le Van Vinh, Vice Chairman of the Book and Action Club, University of Law, Hue University for his contributions to the contest.


The reading culture ambassador contest is for students across Vietnam, to arouse passion for reading among young people, thereby encouraging the reading trend, forming reading skills and habits among the young generation.


Also on April 23, Hue University Learning Resource Center held a talk on reading skills for Hue University students.

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