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More than 90% of IT graduates of Hue University have jobs after 1 year (04-04-2019 16:12)

On March 30, in Hanoi, Ministry of Education & Training (MOET) and Ministry of Information and Communications (MOIC) joinly organized the seminar and exhibition "High-level Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Human Resource Development: To Connect Higher education institutions and Enterprises". MOET Minister Phung Xuan Nha, MOIC Minister Nguyen Manh Hung attended and delivered speeches at the seminar. Present at the seminar were Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly (NA) Committee for Culture, Education, Youth, Adolescents and Children (CCEYAC) and hundreds of delegates from Vietnam ministries, sectors and universities having ICT training programs and enterprises.


MOET Minister Phung Xuan Nha, MOIC Minister Nguyen Manh Hung visiting Hue University's exhibition booth.


Hue University's exhibition booth showcased its achievements, training results, research and cooperation with enterprises in the field of IT. At present, Hue University has 04 undergraduate, Masters, and PhD program in IT including: Computer science, networking and data communications, software engineering, computer engineering, Information systems, management information systems, Computer Engineering technology, information technology, information security, e-commerce. In the past few years, Hue University has pushed its cooperation with enterprises in training, recruiting graduates and granting scholarships to students, facilitating internship at enterprises. To name a few, FPT Software Co.,Ltd. in Danang City supports more than 200 million VND/year to University of Science, Hue University from 2009 up to present. More than 90% of Hue University's IT graduates have jobs after 1 year of graduation.



Dr.Le Trung Hieu, Director of IT Center of Hue University introduced HueAI program of Hue University in cooperation with VietAI.

hợp tác với VietAI. 


A lot of businesses were interested in Hue University students, including Got it from the Silicon Valley, Hoa Kỳ. Got It highly valued Hue University's good engineers with good foundation knowledge, soft skills and English capacity.


According to MOET's survey, currently the proportion of domestic universities and colleges having IT training programs accounts for 37.5%, each year approximately 50,000 IT students graduate. Also, according to MOET's survey, the number of jobs in software and IT services in the country annually increases about 30,000 IT workers. It is forecasted that by 2020, the recruitment demands of enterprises are 1 million IT workers. According to Vietnamworks, by 2020, our country is short of 400,000 IT workers and each year 78,000 new workers are needed.

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