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Pushing intellectual property registration and research results transfer and research product commercialization (17-12-2018 16:36)

That is one of the conclusions of the President of Hue University at the annual briefing conference on Hue University's science and technology activities in 2018 on 15 December 2018. Present at the briefing conference were a large number of participants from member universities, affiliated institutes, faculties, branch and units.



Highlights of Hue University's science and technology activities in 2018 are the establishment of Hue University's strong research groups and the issuance of regulations on its organization and operation. This extremely right and drastic decisive policy of Hue University aims to support its scientists and graduate students to improve the quality of scientific research towards international integration.


Research programs, tasks and projects at all levels have been implemented of which selection process has been carried out in the right order and plan, including: 01 ministerial-level science and technology program approved, 13 proposals selected in the list of ministerial-level science and technology projects to be carried out in 2019; 02 proposals approved to be in the fundamental scientific development Program for the 2017-2025 period, the ministerial-level professional task in education and awareness-raising on marine environmental resources to be carried out in 2019, explanation of the project on improving the quality of Hue University Journal of Science completed.


Intellectual property activities and technology transfer in 2018 showed signs of improvement. Technology of Bokashi betel products of the Institute of Biotechnology has been transferred to Dong Nai Happy Food Company. The product of Hue Lotus Tea and fermented bamboo shoots has been commercialized in the domestic market.


In 2019, besides focusing on improving the quality of students scientific research, continuing to improve and issue regulations and establish strong research groups, Hue University will focus on enhancing intellectual property registration and technology transfer, establishing science and technology start-ups inside Hue University in order to restructure revenues from science and technology and to commercialize research products.

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